V International Conference: “Storytelling Revisited: Narrating Spaces. Literature, Education, Gender, Geography, and Tourism”

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Universitat de Vic – Universitat Central de Catalunya (UVic-UCC) is organising the V International Conference: “Storytelling Revisited: Narrating Spaces. Literature, Education, Gender, Geography, and Tourism”, which will be held in Vic (Barcelona), 22&23 November, 2022.

This Conference aims at providing a forum for researchers to deepen into the analysis of storytelling in relation to narrating spaces and all the surrounding topics: literature, education, geography, and tourism.

The organizing committee is composed of several research groups across UVic-UCC, i.e. GLOSSA, GETLIHC and TRACTE  from the Faculty of Education, Translation, Sports and Psychology (FETEP), EMPREN, from the Faculty of Business and Communication Studies (FEC), and ISaMBeS, from the Faculty of Medicine.

This academic meeting will revolve around the study of narrative structures and storytelling applied to narrating spaces, destination marketing, literature, geography, and their didactic implications.

Spatializing narrative / Narrating space: It is important to gain further understanding as far as the employment of space in narratology is concerned. The definition of space or the emotional connections to space arise from an interdisciplinary dialogue between narratology and geography. (See, for example, Ryan, Foote & Azaryahu, 2016)

Storytelling & tourism / Storytelling in the context of destination marketing: By creating marketing campaigns based on storytelling that emotionally resonate with travelers may lead to increased brand engagement. Storytelling has, in fact, the potential to create an emotional connection between the place and its target market.

Literature, Geography and didactic implications: The fictional depiction of actual places in literature may have an impact in how we perceive those places, and it may reshape the conception we have of them. Those geographical spaces / places mediated through literature are a rich source of didactic materials.

The proposed topics have been barely studied in the academic field despite the high public recognition that English and storytelling enjoy. This will be the fifth International Conference that UVic-UCC dedicates to the narrative associated with various languages. This is a research area that needs to be developed further and on which it will be possible to reflect in depth and find new collaboration with other study centers at an international level and among the faculties of UVic-UCC.



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22 - 23 Nov 2022


2:00 pm - 7:00 pm

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