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Up to now, We have always had an elegant score!

Up to now, We have always had an elegant score!

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Chizuru Ichinose ( ? ?? ? ? ? ???, Ichinose Chizuru ? ), instead known as Chizuru Mizuhara ( ? ?? ? ?? ? ? ? ?? , Mizuhara Chizuru ? ) in her own “leasing partner” image, ‘s the main girls protagonist of your own Kanojo, Okarishimasu show. She actually is a scholar within Nerima College or university who’s majoring within the Literature and you will she currently lives in Space 204 regarding Regal Hills Nerima, just next to Kazuya Kinoshita.


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Chizuru enjoys sides-length chestnut-brownish locks that is especially tied up having fucks dangling with the best side and you will light brownish sight.

When posing once the a diligent scholar, she wears servings, an excellent butterfly connection and you may she activities twice braided hair. It’s after revealed that she comes with vision dilemmas and she spends a couple of lenses whenever this woman is maybe not going out with her nearest and dearest.

The woman presentation is represented to be an excellent madonnna; having a charm that you could only actually ever dream about with; light clothing, make-up, and you can precious jewelry.


Initially, Chizuru easily results in given that really kind and you will careful, and this definitely surprises anyone who takes into account leasing, and you may makes them give large analysis so you’re able to the woman. not, she can end up being a little moody, evident and you can brash, and contains an effective calculative streak, just like the seen when she dislikes whenever their feedback go lower. She shows it side of this lady to the people she dislikes otherwise must endure, for example Kazuya, whom brings the girl a decreased score as he discovers you to definitely she snacks their people with similar generosity she had revealed for the him.

However, except that it, Chizuru was a truly form-hearted people. This will be revealed whenever she observes members of need otherwise when Kazuya means the lady help. Her genuine generosity is also viewed whenever she gets family members with Sumi, and you can she helps their are better at the lady work.

She becomes aggravated when Kazuya brings up the woman to help you their granny. Chizuru informed Kazuya quickly to share with his grandmother which they broke up, however, she’d blush and get embarrassed when she hears Kazuya talking on the woman with his granny.

Centered on Chizuru’s granny, Sayuri Ichinose, she used to be a beneficial ‘clingy crybaby’, something this lady has overcome typically. Nevertheless, you will find a chance that she merely hides it along with her finest act as much as anybody else.

During the the lady e quite rebellious, and often fought having boys. not, the girl grandpa guided the lady to trust in her desires and stay an individual who helps people. That it led to Chizuru significantly emphasizing getting an actress when she located Sayuri’s old Dvd.

Whenever Sayuri is actually apparently close to the lady end, Chizuru shows more of their weakened front, and you may she refuses to take on good ‘sad truth’ immediately following Kazuya had chose to give up on keeping the fresh new sit when he experienced bad to keep sleeping so you can a death individual. Brand new upheaval of sad the fact is of just how sad she are throughout their soul in order to chase on her fantasy and you can wishing her grandpa observe this lady in advance of their death on the crash.


  • The name Chizuru form “thousand” (?, chu? ) and you will “crane” (?, tsuru/zuru? ).
  • An old Japanese legend states that when some body collapsed one thousand origami cranes, they shall be granted a wanna because of the gods, for example recovery off an illness, which is likely a reference to Sayuri Ichinose’s problems.

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